Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

3 Green Additions That Can Clean Up Your Office

by Thomas Jones

As the world continually eases toward a healthier tomorrow, businesses are frequently judged by their clientele on the measures they take in order to create an environmentally-friendly office environment. Whilst making a conscious decision to turn your office green will help to preserve the health of the planet, it'll also do wonders for creating a clean, healthy and productive office space. Becoming eco-friendly isn't just beneficial for the world around your business, but also for the health of the business itself. Listed below are three green additions you can make that'll turn your business green, keep the office clean, and keep employees keen.  

Office Plants

Dotting some lush green plants around the office may help to make the place look easy on the eye for any visitors, but more importantly it can contribute to a healthy, happy office as a result. Nice green plants can act as comforting visual aids in an office environment that is often dominated by glowing screens, and allow employees to take in some pleasant, natural sights that give their sore eyes temporary respite from the piercing light of technology. Well-rested eyes ensure for healthy, active minds, and allow employee production to operate at full capacity as a result.

Aside from looking the part, plants actually help to purify the air around the office too. Indoor air – especially in a stuffy office – is often contaminated with bacteria, and plants can act as natural purifiers to cleanse the atmosphere and create a healthy office environment where employees can breathe easy.

Fruit Bowls

It's important to keep morale high in an office space. Happy employees are productive employees, and supplying little amenities such as snacks and drinks for the staff to pick at can create a hugely content office environment. Many businesses offer snacks such as biscuits and chocolate bars, which whilst well-intended can lead to a string of small problems. Not only do these kinds of products create a significant amount of litter that is discarded incorrectly, but they can also lead to tiny crumbs peppered about the office. Also, junk food such as this may taste great, but isn't at all good for the brain.

So why not put out some fresh fruit, vegetables and granola instead? Not only can this kind of food be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way, it can also act as a nutritious supplement for office staff. These kind of snacks can boost their immune system, acting as a juicy source of brain food that can put them in the zone and increase productivity.

Strict & Colorful Recycle Bin System

Even in a relatively small office, there is a lot of waste produced by employees over the course of a regular day. A strict, color-coded recycle bin system can help to channel this waste into environmentally-friendly disposal methods, keep the office clean as a whole, and produce a more congenial office space to work within.

Recycle bins are widely available and are often color-coded for you when you purchase them, but there is nothing stopping you from creating your own system if you desire. Scatter enough of these bins around the office in groups of colors (e.g. green, brown and blue) so that nobody ever has to travel far to one particular bin. Not only will this help to brighten up the office, but it will also encourage employees to recycle their waste in the correct manner without regarding it as a chore. Label each bin to make sure everybody knows what goes where. For example: green could be dry mixed recyclables, brown could be for food waste, and blue could be for residual waste. This will allow for a clean, healthy office space that actively assists the preservation of the environment without hampering an employee's productivity at work. 

For more advice, contact a local office cleaning business. 


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Keeping the house in order

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