Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

Commercial Office Cleaning Services During Winter

by Thomas Jones

Ensuring that your office is running smoothly is already a feat in itself. Throw in the responsibility of ensuring the office stays clean then you could end up putting more on your plate that you can handle. Not to mention that this can also interfere with your employees' morale as they want to come to work to be productive, and not have to worry about keeping the premises in top notch condition. After extreme winter weather, you should consider commercial office cleaning services for your business. These does not involve the regular cleaning of floors and emptying trash cans though. Here are some of the commercial office cleaning services during winter that you could consider.

Thorough Parking Lot Sweep

When the snow begins to clear, the snow-plows tend to drag a lot of other debris onto your parking lot. These could range from trash, dirt, rocks and more. Once the snow dries, the parking lot of your premises is riddled with even more dirt. Commercial office cleaning services can step in to give the lot a clean sweep of all unsightly as well as potentially harmful debris that can interfere with your customers' and employees' vehicles.

Pressure Washing

Once the unnecessary debris has been swept away, the commercial office cleaning services can now undertake in pressure washing. Pressure washing is necessary due to the salt residue that builds up when using rock salt to get rid of snow. If used regularly over winter, the salt rocks will leave behind ghastly white stains that make your parking lot seem unsanitary. The professional cleaners will make use of high-pressure washers that blast hot water to rid your parking lot of these white stains. Leaving the premises spick and span.

Salt Stain Removal from Carpets

Just as the rock salt leaves unsightly stains on your parking lot, you should also expect your office carpets to accumulate these stains by them being tracked in on shoes. Potential customers and employees alike will more than likely carry debris such as slush, snow, diet and more from the parking lot into the office as a result of the runoff caused by the melting snow. If this residue is left unattended to, your office carpets will become stiff and damaged. This is why it is recommended to have the professional cleaners provide you with regular carpet cleaning services during the winter.

HVAC Cleaning

Your office HVAC system has probably been running on overdrive during the winter to ensure the premises stays warm and toasty. With spring rolling around, you should ensure that the commercial office cleaning services include cleaning out the system before allergy season sets in. For more information, contact GreenKleen Australia


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Keeping the house in order

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