Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

Why Have Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional?

by Thomas Jones

Carpet cleaning, versus just standard vacuuming, is very good for your carpets and your home overall. A thorough cleaning can remove debris that your vacuum cannot, including allergens, pollutants like cigarette smoke, pet hair and dander, and even dust mites and other pests.

When deciding to have your carpets cleaned, you may think about renting a machine from a store and handling the job on your own, versus calling a professional company. Note a few reasons why a professional may be a better option:

1. Professionals will use the right detergent

A steam machine that works without detergent can get your carpets cleaned, but using detergent can loosen more dirt and debris and also help to restore your carpet to its original color. Choosing the right detergent in the right amount, according to the carpet nap and fiber and to the level of dirt in the carpet, can be difficult for an amateur. 

If you aren't experienced in how to choose a carpet detergent and in knowing how much to add to the water mix, you can wind up leaving behind residue by using too much, or waste time by not using enough. You also need to understand how much rinsing is required according to the detergent type and amount you use, so that nothing gets left behind.

2. Professionals can add carpet protectors

There are certain coatings and protectors that can be added to carpets after they're cleaned in order to protect them from wear and from collecting dust and dirt. This is like adding fabric protector to your furniture.

When you call a professional to clean your carpets and then add this protective layer, you may find that your carpets stay cleaner, longer, and the fiber or nap of the carpets doesn't get worn down as quickly either. Your carpet can then last longer and look better after a visit from a professional cleaner.

3. A professional knows when the job is really done

When carpeting gets wet in order to be cleaned, it can be difficult to see stains and high traffic areas that need extra attention. However, a professional will know which areas of the carpet need more cleaning, and even added detergent or steam. They may also know to remove the water with their machinery so they can check if the carpet is truly clean or if it needs another pass. This can ensure the job is actually done and your carpets are truly cleaned.

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Keeping the house in order

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