Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

Commonly Asked Questions About Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

by Thomas Jones

The right commercial cleaning company can get your offices or your production facility clean and ready for your staff or your personnel every day. They can ensure your area is safe from spills and other such hazards that occur when spaces are not cleaned as they should be, and in turn, decrease your liability from injuries and accidents. 

Not all commercial cleaning companies are alike, and you don't want to assume that a pricier company is better, or choose the cheapest company just to save money either. You want a company that will work to get your facility spotless, so note a few questions you might ask so you understand the process of hiring them.

1. Note if they will give you a list of specific tasks to be done

Some cleaning companies will only come in for a set number of hours and perform a set list of tasks. This may include standard tasks such as emptying the trash and cleaning the restrooms, but not the jobs you want to have done. You may prefer that they dust the light fixtures, empty the dishwasher in the kitchen, and so on, but these things may not be provided by every company. If you have a set list of tasks you want to have done, write these out but ask about that list before you have a company come to your facility for a quote, as they may not even go over the list with you.

2. Ask how many people are available to clean, in case of illness or vacations

A small company might charge less than a larger company, but if they are only two people who work together, your facility may not get cleaned if one gets sick or has car trouble or takes a vacation. Don't hesitate to ask about the size of their staff so you know that your facility will be cared for properly even if your usual cleaners have something else that comes up with them personally.

3. Always ask if they provide their own supplies

If a cleaning company doesn't provide their own supplies, you may see your cleaning products in your kitchen or supply room suddenly being depleted. On the other hand, you may have a preference for certain cleaning supplies, but a cleaning company may not want to use them as they can't guarantee their performance. Whatever your preference is, be sure you discuss this with the company rather than assuming how they operate.


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Keeping the house in order

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