Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

Why Have a School's Windows Professionally Cleaned Inside and Out?

by Thomas Jones

When you have the task of maintaining the grounds and buildings of any school, you may not give much thought to the windows. While your priorities may be the HVAC system and landscaping, the windows are also very important. Having them cleaned, especially right before the school year begins and right after the winter or rainy season, can be vitally important. Note why that is and why you should have a school's windows cleaned professionally inside and out.


Remember that some parents and students will want to tour your facility before they enroll a child, and when the inside or outside of the buildings seem drab and dull, this can be very detracting to the facility itself. Even if the buildings are in good repair, dirty windows and a dark interior can make them seem rundown. Keeping the windows clean can allow in more light inside so that classrooms, foyers, hallways, and other such areas seem bright and clean. Removing dirt and debris outside the windows can also make the outside of the whole building appear to be in good repair and, in turn, more welcoming to students and parents.

Maintaining windows

If you don't clean the windows of the school regularly, the dirt and other debris on them can actually etch the glass and even cause the frames to warp or otherwise get damaged. In turn, you may see that the windows need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Trying to clean them with a simple hose or detergents and tools not meant for windows can also do damage, which is why it's good to leave the job to a professional who can ensure it gets done right and the windows are protected as well.

Energy efficiency

The windows of your school may help with its energy efficiency. Since most schools operate during winter months or the colder season, the sunlight you get through the windows of the school can actually help to keep the buildings warmer. In turn, you may need to operate the HVAC system less often. Even if the heating units in the school's buildings cycle on for just a few minutes less every day, this can add up to tremendous cost savings over the school year. You might also be able to forego turning on the lights in rooms with larger windows that allow in light. However, dirty or streaky windows won't let in as much sunlight as they could. Having them cleaned will allow in light that saves you on energy costs.


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Keeping the house in order

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