Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

The Top Four Bedroom Summer Cleaning Tips

by Thomas Jones

Summer is usually one of the best seasons of the year because of the warmth, the holidays and the sun. However, the season is also usually accompanied by dust and a lot of humidity, which makes cleaning an extra challenge. In case you have been away for a few weeks on summer holiday, you will find a lot of dust, cobwebs and other summer-related dirt around the house and especially the bedroom. However, if you follow the cleaning tips below, you will have a very comfortable summer in your bedroom.

Dealing with the bed mites

Dust mites are common in the bedroom. They increase in the summer because of the increased amount of dust, and the increase in the number of dead cells that our bodies get rid of this season. Normally, dust mites feed on the human dead cells. Having these microscopic anthropoids around the bedroom is one of the major causes of allergies. Since they hide in the upholstery and the bedding, you should start by cleaning the pillows and pillow cases, followed by the blankets and finally the mattress covers and the curtains. Thorough cleaning every two weeks will keep the mites out of your bedroom this summer.

Keeping away the pests

 The summer also brings a special challenge, the presence of pests in the bedroom and other areas of the house. Pests are more common in the summer because they like the warm weather and the easily available food in the home. First, you should make sure that no foodstuff is left lying around. Discourage the kids from carrying snack bags into their bedrooms this season. Second, if any spills occur in the bedroom, they should be cleaned up immediately. Lastly, ensure that the room is always well-organised to eliminate piles of clothes and other trash which forms hiding places for the vermin.

Cleaning the mattress

Mattresses collect a lot of dust, pollen and dead skin during the warm season.  This dirt mixture creates a haven for bacteria and other pathogens. You should vacuum your mattress at least once every month during the summer months to protect your bedroom from harbouring germs. You should also make sure that you aerate the mattress or clean it with baking soda for maximum cleanness.

These are a few cleaning tips which can maintain the cleanness of your bedroom this summer. For a comprehensive cleaning, you should think about hiring professional cleaners. They will have the right tools and equipment to deal with all types of dirt, grit and stains to keep your house clean and healthy.


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Keeping the house in order

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