Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

3 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Boats: A Guide for New Boat Owners

by Thomas Jones

Some new boat owners might neglect to clean and maintain their boats, which helps to keep the vessel in optimal shape. Cleaning a boat from top to bottom is no mean fete, especially cleaning the hull, which prevents the development of permanent stains through oxidation.

Because the cleaning and maintenance work requires specialised equipment like marine grade cleaning compounds and fibreglass reconditioning solutions, handling it as a DIY project might not be feasible. Therefore, consider hiring professional boat cleaners in your locality with scuba diving experience and certification. Listed below are a few helpful tips for cleaning and maintaining your boat.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Toxic ingredients such as ammonia, phosphates, and chlorine found in boat cleaning agents are harmful to marine life. It is recommended that you should clean your boat at any off-the-water site rather than on the water due to the risk of contamination. However, if it is essential that boat owners must clean their boats on the water, then the best course of action is to use eco-friendly cleaning products.

However, ensure that you check such products against the owner's manual. Also, it is not recommended to scrub paint because it will discharge a high concentration of toxic waste. You should familiarise yourself with local laws since some jurisdictions prohibit such cleaning in enclosed waters.  

Hull Cleaning

The bottom of powerboats and sailboats have anti-fouling paint that aids in slowing down the growth of subaquatic microorganisms such as barnacles and algae. However, the paint will not prevent such organisms from sticking to the bottom of the boat. Notably, a dirty hull is akin to driving a car with flat tyres. The dirt will accumulate and cause the vessel to drag, and thus, increase fuel consumption and reduce the overall performance.

Experts recommend that boat owners should consult experienced technicians to take a plunge underwater and examine the hull as regularly as possible. The professionals can also clean the bottom of the boat without you incurring the extra cost of boat maintenance when inland. Furthermore, besides cleaning the hull, divers can check for damages in mechanical equipment such as propellers.    

Zinc Anodes Replacement 

Sacrificial zinc anodes are installed under a boat where it comes into contact with water. Over time, these highly active metals will corrode as they continuously react with other materials in the water such as salt. The anodes are sacrificed instead of underwater metal components, which are critical to a boat's operation. Most importantly, a technician should replace these zinc anodes when they wear out to prevent damage to metal parts.   

For more information, contact local marine services professionals.


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