Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

Nifty Tips for Efficient Tile Cleaning

by Thomas Jones

Certainly, tile is one of the most common building supplies utilised in Australian houses. The enduring longevity of this material and its classic appeal makes it an affordable flooring and wall solution for the various rooms in your home. However, with time, exposure to grime and smudges can quickly stain your tiles. And if you do not clean the tiling appropriately, you stand the chance of it becomes permanently blemished. Moreover, improper cleaning practices could also cause cosmetic damages to the tiles. This article provides nifty tips for efficient tile cleaning, which will ensure your supplies remain visually pleasing.

Never utilise abrasive materials during tile cleaning

It may be tempting to take a scouring pad or other forms of rough cleaning supplies to your tiles when they develop a stubborn stain. Nonetheless, this approach will only compromise the longevity of your tiles. Harsh sponges paired with chemical cleaners will almost always abrade the surface of your tiles. As a result, the sealant that functions to protect your tiles from absorbing stains diminishes, and your tiling becomes vulnerable to even more staining. If tile cleaner cannot eliminate stains, it is best to call on tile cleaning professionals who will be equipped with the buffers, steamers and the appropriate cleaning solvents to remove stains while maintaining the integrity of your tiling.

Address spills as they happen

Accidents are unavoidable. Therefore, it is not surprising that your tiles will encounter occasional spills over time. What you do when these spills occur will have a long-term effect on the appearance of your tiles. For instance, marble tiles will quickly etch when they are exposed to acidic substances. Thus, any spills from juices or wine should be wiped up immediately to prevent this. Even when your tiles are protected with a seal coat, it is still imperative to clean up spills. When the spills come into contact with the grout, they will seep into the material and discolour it. Stained grout will also be a blight on your floors as it detracts from your pristine tiles.

Caulk grout and seal the tiles routinely

When tiling is freshly installed, it is beautiful. Nevertheless, normal wear and tear will make it lose its lustre over time Part of your tile cleaning procedure should be re-caulking the grout and re-sealing the tiles on a scheduled basis. The caulking functions to prevent subsurface damages to the grout whereas the sealant works to increase the tiles' resistance to staining.


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Keeping the house in order

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