Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

  • Commercial Office Cleaning Services During Winter

    Ensuring that your office is running smoothly is already a feat in itself. Throw in the responsibility of ensuring the office stays clean then you could end up putting more on your plate that you can handle. Not to mention that this can also interfere with your employees' morale as they want to come to work to be productive, and not have to worry about keeping the premises in top notch condition.

  • How to Determine If You Should Have Asbestos Removed from Your Home

    Asbestos is a very dangerous substance that was once used for home insulation. Inhaling asbestos can lead to certain forms of cancer, which is why homeowners often want it removed if they realise it's present in their attic or walls. On the other hand, some homeowners believe that it's better to leave it alone so it doesn't become airborne. Note a few factors that can help you determine if you should think about having asbestos removed from your home.

  • 3 Green Additions That Can Clean Up Your Office

    As the world continually eases toward a healthier tomorrow, businesses are frequently judged by their clientele on the measures they take in order to create an environmentally-friendly office environment. Whilst making a conscious decision to turn your office green will help to preserve the health of the planet, it'll also do wonders for creating a clean, healthy and productive office space. Becoming eco-friendly isn't just beneficial for the world around your business, but also for the health of the business itself.

  • Carpet Stain Woes | 3 Miraculous Home Remedies For Vanishing Red Wine Stains

    Carpets create an amazing allure for any home, but they also require an effort when it comes to cleaning and maintenance – especially when there's a spill at a party in your home. Any spill can be devastating, but there's nothing worse than the bright bold colour of red wine spilling on your beautiful white carpet to dampen the festive mood. Don't panic –some natural carpet cleaning miracles can make your red wine stains disappear in no time, so you can continue to play the magnificent host.

  • 5 Tips to Help You Clean Through the Deceased Estate of a War Veteran

    If you have the job of cleaning through the deceased estate of a war veteran, it can be hard to determine which items are of value (historically or otherwise) and which are not. Here is a quick guide to determining which items might be useful. Determine which regiment the veteran served in, and which wars or battles they participated in. Some battles have a particularly high value, due to their place in Australian culture.

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    Keeping the house in order

    The best way to keep your marriage happy is to get someone else to do some of the work. I knew when my wife went back to work we'd have to do some shuffling around but having a house cleaner has been amazing. My wife is happier, the house is cleaner and I can find everything again. Any time one of the guys at work is having trouble at home I tell him to get a cleaner in! If your wife is happy, your life is happy. A cleaner is a good investment in keeping your house and life in order.