Keeping the house in order

Keeping the house in order

  • Why Have a School's Windows Professionally Cleaned Inside and Out?

    When you have the task of maintaining the grounds and buildings of any school, you may not give much thought to the windows. While your priorities may be the HVAC system and landscaping, the windows are also very important. Having them cleaned, especially right before the school year begins and right after the winter or rainy season, can be vitally important. Note why that is and why you should have a school's windows cleaned professionally inside and out.

  • Tips to Make Your Start-up Commercial Cleaning Services Business Successful

    The commercial cleaning business is a booming industry. Although this reflects growth in demand for these services, it also means that there is an increase in competition. If you own a commercial cleaning business and don't focus on important aspects of the business, you could find yourself on the losing end in the battle of acquiring and retaining customers that will build your business. The good news is that you do not have to start cold calling everybody you can find in an attempt to make your business successful.

  • Commonly Asked Questions About Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

    The right commercial cleaning company can get your offices or your production facility clean and ready for your staff or your personnel every day. They can ensure your area is safe from spills and other such hazards that occur when spaces are not cleaned as they should be, and in turn, decrease your liability from injuries and accidents.  Not all commercial cleaning companies are alike, and you don't want to assume that a pricier company is better, or choose the cheapest company just to save money either.

  • Why Have Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional?

    Carpet cleaning, versus just standard vacuuming, is very good for your carpets and your home overall. A thorough cleaning can remove debris that your vacuum cannot, including allergens, pollutants like cigarette smoke, pet hair and dander, and even dust mites and other pests. When deciding to have your carpets cleaned, you may think about renting a machine from a store and handling the job on your own, versus calling a professional company.

  • Five Surprising Tools You Need to Clean Rugs After a Puppy Accident

    Protecting your rug from your pup as he house trains can be challenging, but with the right tools, you can easily clean up accidents and ensure your pet doesn't re-offend in the same spot. If your dog is having accidents on your rug, here are the five essential items you need to clean the rug and retrain him: 1. Newspapers Immediately after your dog urinates on your rug, put newspapers over the wet mess.

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    Keeping the house in order

    The best way to keep your marriage happy is to get someone else to do some of the work. I knew when my wife went back to work we'd have to do some shuffling around but having a house cleaner has been amazing. My wife is happier, the house is cleaner and I can find everything again. Any time one of the guys at work is having trouble at home I tell him to get a cleaner in! If your wife is happy, your life is happy. A cleaner is a good investment in keeping your house and life in order.